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Charming Designs
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This is a graphics community led by charmingholly.

icons. banners. headers.
charmed. linkin park. christina aguilera. friends. lindsay lohan. house md. etc.

if you want to see the icon spams on your friends page, do watch us!
add charmingdesigns to your friends list, or become a member, your choice (:

Promote us! copy&paste the code below in your user info.

>> credit is a MUST!
for icons credit in keywords,but for banners&headers in your user info.
you get one warning.
>> do not customize my graphics!
if an icon is textless it doesn`t mean it`s a base.
>> do not directlink!
save everything on your own server. you can use Photobucket
if you fail to follow this rule, you get banned at once.
>> leave the ocassional comment!
it`s the only way how I get to know what you like/are taking.
plus, feedback is really nice. :)

This is how to credit icons.


layout coding by letsbebad
all modifications and header+userinfo by charmingholly
picture for the header by grimcinder.deviantart.com

100x100, 40k, affairs, alyssa milano, angelina jolie, anniston, art, artistic, artists, artwork, avatars, banners, bbb, big bad brad, book of shadows, brad, brad delson, brian crause, brokeback mountain, brushes, cameron, challenges, chandler, chandler and monica, charmed, charmed icons, chase, chester bennington, chris, christina aguilera, cole, colors, computers, courteney cox, courtney, credit, cuddy, david, david schwimmer, demons, diamonds, doctors, drawing, dreams, drew, drew fuller, ducklings, dusk, fox, general hospital, gif, gifs, good charlotte, graphic design, graphics, green, halliwell, halliwell sisters, harry potter, headers, holidays, holly, holly marie combs, house, house md, hugh laurie, icon creation, icon making, icons, images, imagination, jack, jake gyllenhaal, jennifer anniston, joe hahn, joey, joey tribbiani, journey, jpg, jpgs, julian mcmahon, leo, linkin park, linkin park icons, lisa edelstein, lisa kudrow, livejournal, livejournal icons, livejournal userpics, love, lyrics, magic, making icons, mascara, matt, matt leblanc, matthew, matthew perry, mcr, mcr icons, mike shinoda, monica, monica geller, monica geller-bing, movies, music, my chemical romance, orlando icons, paige, penny, perry, phoebe, phoebe buffay, phoenix, photomanipulation, photos, photoshop, pictures, piper, png, pngs, prue, rachel, rachel and ross, rachel green, rob bourdon, romance, ron livingston, rose, rose mcgowan, ross, ross geller, series, shannen, shannen doherty, sharing icons, shoes, sparky, stillness, the wb, tv, tv doctors, user icons, user pics, user pictures, userpics, vicodin, wb shows, wilson, wyatt

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